1/3/19 - Ricks Garage

Thanks to all who came out to our Ricks Gig on Friday night it was a cracker! Every muso knows you can only really burn it up when the crowd takes the small spark you send out and fans it into life. We always love what we do, but nights like these are what makes the hard work so worth while. And more often than not, those are the kinda nights we have at Ricks Garage. 

This place just place rocks....they have great food, great ambience and exceptional service. But apart from that, Ricks clientele are just, a top notch friendly bunch! And the Jive dancers, who always hit the floor early, spur us on the keep pumping out the dance tunes. 

Big Thanks to @Ricks Garage for their ongoing commitment to live music on the coast. A recent upgrade to the inhouse P.A has lifted the venue to a new level, and we look forward to coming back again and again. 

Another highlight of the evening was our friends Joel & Jody - The dance instructors from 'DANCE THE BLUES' appearing at our gig. They ripped up the dance floor to the delight of the hooting 'n' hollerin' crowd,which got us thinking about how to bring the joys of Blues dancing to the Sunny Coast even for just one night? Watch this space....... Big love to all.

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