20/1/2019 - Hotel Norville

We had a fabulous time at the Hotel Norville on Sunday.It was the bands first road trip in a long time.... i mean this is Australia & every gig is a road trip to some extent, but Toowoomba is 3 hours from our base on the Sunny coast and we haven't played in this town for 20 years, so it was cool heading west and up the range to bring 'The Chix' own brand of Blues to the Garden City!! 

What greeted us on arrival at the Hotel Norville was a fabulous big oasis of beer garden, one of the best we've ever seen. Clare (our drummer) had no chance to feel homesick for the sub-tropics (as she usually does when we venture away from home) as the Norville's beer garden had a very luscious tropical themed garden filled with palms,stag and elkhorns and monsteria and the perfect westerly wind blowin on us all day.

It was pretty much an all day expedition... we left the coast around 10 am to arrive in Toowoomba in time to eat, change and set up our gear for a 3 pm start. We started with an audience of one which steadily grew through out the first set. until we had a rockin crown whooping it up and cheering us on.??????? 

A big Thank you to all the staff  at the Norville (Cody you were magnificent, big thanks), and the Chef turned out some of the best buffalo wings we've ever tasted! The patrons and the local musos made us feel very welcome and appreciated &  Having local guitarist Garry Rowley and  Harp man Graham Thompson join us us on stage for a few tunes was just the icing on the cake. It was a long day but loads of fun..... Thanks Toowoomba & Hotel Norville, i hope we can do it all again soon! X

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