29/3/19-Ricks Garage

 Friday night saw us back at our favorite live music venue, Rick's Garage in Palmwoods. It was, as we have come to expect with Rick's, another ripper of a night. Clare took her recently restored Vintage Yamaha c-220 kit and was loving it.
After setting up we chowed into some of Rick's delicious fare (we had the burgers and some onion rings ... good stuff) before we took to the stage with overly full and very contented bellies. It was a hot night and with the fans blasting we hit the stage at 6pm and delivered 3 sets of upbeat Blues and Soul music for the always enthusiastic and appreciative audience and dance crowd.   
Thanks to all you good music lovin' folk for coming.... , YOU are what make our nights at Rick's such a wonderful and magical time,and we love you for it!  

And as always big love and thanks to all the Rick's staff for taking such great care of us .....as usual you were fabulous in every way!  

See y'all again on the 26th. ❤️

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