29/6/19- Dance The Blues at Malecon Cuban Rum Bar

We always enjoy our time with the good folks at Dance the Blues but  Saturday nights gig went to another level.

The Juke joint has moved to Milton, to very cool little joint, called The Malecón - Cuban Rum Bar, a gorgeous vintage Cuban cocktail bar and craft rum distillery. Man these 2 things fit together like a hand and glove. The vibe in the Malecón immediately transports one to the world of pre-Castro Cuba. With rustic exposed brick walls, a line-up of cosy lamplit leather booths behind a lace iron balustrade on one side and a long ceramic tiled bar on the other and, tucked away in a streetside corner, the tiny rum distillery. 

Then, enter the Blues dancers and the scene was complete. I just love watching these guys do their thing, it's just so damn entertaining and they would have to be one of the most appreciative audiences we encounter. 
Saturday nights gig reminded me how much i love to play the down and dirty, real, gritty slow blues. Big thanks to Dance the Blues and our new friends, Dave and Alex at The Malecón Bar for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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